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Two New Task Order Wins For ZENETEX

By Todd Thurman

ZENETEX was awarded two CFT task orders supporting the U-2 Maintenance Support 9th Reconnaissance Wing at Beale AFB, CA and 180th Fighter Wing Jet Engine Intermediate Maintenance (JEIM) at the Toledo, OH Air Air National Guard (ANG).  Regarding the U2 maintenance support, ZENETEX will perform inspection and maintenance for Organization (O), Intermediate (I), and Depot (D) Level Maintenance and Modification in accordance with established practices, procedures, and instructions governing USAF Aircraft and Equipment Maintenance Management.  This task order will start on 16 August with 50 artisans.  Regarding the Ohio ANG, ZENETEX will perform JEIM I Level Maintenance and inspections on both assigned and non-assigned F100-PW-220/229 engines at the 180th Fighter Wing.  This task order will begin on 13 August with 15 artisans.