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Todd Thurman

As Group Vice President of Logistics with Zenetex, Mr. Thurman is responsible for all contracts and programs supporting the 12 Logistics Elements.  Additionally, Mr. Thurman is the PM for three Zenetex Prime contracts including Cherry Point AIR 6.7 Logistics, USAF Depot On-Site Contract Augmentee Team (DOCAT3), and NAVAIR 6.8.1.  Cherry Point AIR 6.7 Contract is responsible for providing acquisition logistics management integration across all logistics support elements for H-1, H-60, H-53, C-130, AV-8, V-22, RQ-21, MQ-8, and various staff positions within the 6.7 competency supports primarily at Fleet Readiness Center East, Cherry Point NC. DOCAT3 contract provides contractor touch labor support for F-16, F-22, C-130, and Electronics Maintenance Group at Hill Air Force Base. AIR 6.8.1 contract provides logistics analyst support for ReDet, OPOM, and the NAVAIR Readiness Team at Patuxent River MD. 

Prior to joining Zenetex, Mr. Thurman completed over 24 years of government service. He held Fleet Support Team lead roles at Fleet Readiness Center East, Cherry Point NC for the VH-71 Presidential Replacement Helicopter, AV-8B Harrier, and the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter. He was responsible for establishing and maintaining depot capability, providing in-service engineering and logistics support for these platforms.  He held technical engineering authority for the AV-8B V/STOL aircraft for the USMC, Spanish Fleet, and Italian Fleet. Mr. Thurman was the Technical Director for the Joint Shipboard Helicopter Integration Process (JSHIP) Joint T&E (JT&E) within OSD AT&L that conducted numerous at-sea tests for non-US Naval helicopters (including SOCOM) onboard USN ships. This included numerous processes and procedures and a flight simulator system to accredit shipboard ops.

Mr. Thurman supported numerous other JT&E efforts for Joint Staff logistics, shipboard ordnance loading, OPTEVFOR Quick Reaction Tests, and other various COCOM supported JT&Es. Additionally, he provided direct JTE support for Joint Forces Command as the DOT&E liaison. Mr. Thurman supported numerous land based and shipboard flight test programs including Special Operations assets, RAH-66 Comanche, MV-22, and other USN/USMC platforms.